Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Blog About A Life With the Awareness of God

I begin this blog for a number of reasons.

1.  I believe that there is a God. One God and Creator of All.
2.  I believe that Jesus is the Messiah.The Savior for the World. That Jesus was sent by God so God could reveal Himself to us in human form and make what was wrong (sin) right (forgiveness).
3.  I have experienced both the frailty and strength of life. I see how quickly our lives pass. Our lives are but a vapor, a mist that passes away quickly. Even though our lives are brief, they are also very important. Nothing is by chance and nothing is lost with God. Each day He reveals Himself to us. It may be in nature, in the birth of a baby, or the death of a loved one. He reaches us in dreams, on a road, with the kindness of a stranger, through the reading or hearing of sacred scriptures, in a prayer and especially when we are still.
4.  I believe that this human experience we all share is not the end. That there is an eternal future after death and what we do here on earth determines what kind of eternity we will have.

It is here that I will share with you how I experience God in my life. I certainly don't have all the answers and don't claim to be anywhere near an expert on the subject. But, I do know that He reveals Himself to me and that is what I hope to share with all of you. I will always welcome comments or criticism. It is with an open mind and open heart that we grow.


  1. Hello, my sweet sister
    This is a beautiful beginning...
    May your blog bless those who journey here...

  2. thank you my dear sister.
    following the small still voice's gentle nudging.